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Silverfish - Book Review


By Jack Welch

Book review by Raymond Siew

This is how I see the laws of attraction — It attracts what you desire. If you think a lot about business, and if it works, you make money. In other words, it produces RESULTS.

However, if deeper questions are not asked, it brings other things too — Does the money you make bring you more friends, or enemies, and why? Have you betrayed yourself in the journey? Do you still have a family? Does your conscience prick? Do you have balance in your life? etc. etc. etc. Nevertheless, one part of your life worked and, in my opinion, you are one step closer to spirituality and the understanding of the laws of attraction.

I argue that business is an important vehicle only because it has the power to alter your objective reality. With material prosperity, you are closer to having real choices: it buys you the time to ask the other questions. And that is important.

What's the "winning" formula...?

Take a look at Jack's view on business. It's full of dynamism and power. Actually, I think Jack has got many things right and so he attracts WEALTH.

But if we look closely, there are a few questions that have been missed out or fudged — For one, I would ask the question: When is enough enough? Profits for profits' sake? The other issue would be the removal of dynamic team members that have helped the organization grow. That feels like betrayal to me, as I think another solution is possible. I also wonder why the promotional materials used in recruitment can't match operational requirements?

All in all, I think he's done many things right. I recommend the reading of this book with an open mind. Read it and think what YOU would do if you were to set up an organization based on spiritual principles: How would you make it work? How would the laws of attraction apply? Intriguing.

To me, the trick to applying spiritual principles to business is taking what works, asking deeper questions on what didn't, and why. Do read this book, and ask, "What would I do differently?"

About the reviewer:
Raymond Siew is the CEO and business development strategist for eMasters as well as her two online publications: It's My Life! (lifestyle ezine) and in-the-loop (business ezine). eMasters' core business is Design, Advertising & Promotions — Visit to view eMasters' suite of products & services, or to read Raymond's bio.

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