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A warm welcome to our new readers & regulars! To those of you in the northern hemisphere... Having a beautiful summer?

If you've been wondering why you didn't receive your last 3 issues, there are a few reasons for this...

One, we decided to take a break to get our health back up. We took up qigong - an interesting story in itself, and one Ray will be telling in future issues, but in brief... He found qigong to be so very different from all the other forms of exercise he's pursued (squash, golf, martial arts, yoga, etc). Me? I'm a couch potato but qigong has improved my sense of well-being no end!

Ray was also busy coaching his son, Mark, for the chess tournament circuit (Mar-Jun) - which left him a little frayed around the edges after that.

So, we changed to a lower gear, working on making small improvements to eMasters (our design business). We also realized that to get IML to the next level, we needed some serious re-thinking. We were also short of resources to make a sustained & consistent attempt.

Getting an ezine to pay for itself has been a vexing problem for us. Ray is currently hunting down local products to add to IML's future shopping cart. It's been a bit of a windy winding journey, but some amazing possiblities have already emerged - from qigong to asian curios & orang asli (Malaysian aboriginal) handicrafts, etc.

Sooo... all in all, things are pretty much in flux for our two ezines - It's My Life! and in-the-loop - and we can only publish unscheduled for the moment. I hope you'll bear with us until things reach an even keel. We are very much committed to both our publications — We have so much more to say... so many more stories to tell... so do stay with us. We'll publish as often as we can in the meantime.

A line-up of today's features...

Join me in welcoming our guest writer, Leigh VanDeWalker — Leigh's article was originally slotted for our May issue (May is skin cancer awareness month). Although belated, I feel Leigh's "melanoma moment" is eternally relevant, a timely reminder especially to those of us intent on having fun in the sun this summer!

We're equally delighted to welcome back Ángeles Fernández. As a native Spaniard, Ángeles reckons Valencia's paella is the undisputed QUEEN - so give her family recipe a try and send us your verdict! A perfect meal for a hot, lazy summer too.

Be sure to also check out features from our regular columnists — Gerald Lopez shares an "eye" journey. And Ray Siew attempts to encapsulate his work while addressing some questions from Malaysian reader, Jing Wen, in The Spiritual Realist.

Happy reading!

Shoi - Editor
It's My Life!

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