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Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends — Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend and had a good post-turkey lull!

"Black Friday", the day after Thanksgiving in the US, marks the beginning of the traditional Christmas shopping season.

If you're game for a different approach to the season's gift giving & shopping, check out today's Shoi's Pick — Your purchases will go towards the revival of an almost-lost ancient art (and more).

November + December Ad Specials

From now until 24th December, just purchase ANY Ezine, Article, Solo or Website ad - and we'll run your second ad for frée — Great opportunity to secure some holiday ad spots in It's My Life!

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Other highlights in today's IML...

Guest author Sandra Fults' captivating story holds within it a universal message of hope — Imagine what the world can be like when individuals of different race, religion and beliefs come together with dignity and respect.

Raymond Siew is back - with more articles for you in The Spiritual Realist, his brand new column. And our resident health nut, Gerald Lopez, shows you how to BREATHE!

Enjoy today's read... and many blessings to you.

Shoi - Editor
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Soul Food

Life is the sum
of your choices.

~ Albert Camus ~

Some men see things as
they are and ask, “why?”

I dream things that never
were and ask, “why not?”

~ Robert Francis Kennedy ~
River of Peace
By guest author, Sandra Fults

This piece captures a moment in time when East touches West — Could this be a foreteller of a future reality?

Read full story here...
Inside - Outside
Spirituality & Business
By Raymond Siew

If spirituality is keeping to the essence of things, the spirit of things... Can this be the harbinger of doing business in a different way? Raymond explores this subject in his column here.

Read full story here...
Its' MY Health!
Breathing for Health
By Gerald Lopez

Breathless and brooding? — Gerald's simple breathing techniques will help you relax and energize your mind, body and spirit.

Read full story here...
Shoi's Pick
An Ancient Tradition Which Almost Disappeared
By Shoi

Mythical Apsaras can once again dance their exotic ballet across swathes of silk... thanks to Morimoto and the renaissance of the ancient Khmer silk arts.

Read full story here...
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