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A joyous "Aidilfitri" to all our Muslim readers.

The aidilfitri celebration marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting. It also signifies a day of peace, forgiveness and unity, a time of giving and sharing. And in many mixed communities, friends and neighbors of different color and creed are embraced into the warm spirit of this celebration.

Even as our IML team continues to work hard to bring you lifestyle features with a fusion of flavors from both East and West... I thought it'd be interesting to take a brief glimpse at the many different countries our readers come from...

Currently, most of our readers are based in the US. A significant number are from Malaysia, New Zealand and Canada. We also have readers joining us from the UK and Australia. It's exciting to note that our ezine is also read in Trinidad and Tobago, Austria, Singapore, Romania, Sweden, France, Mexico, Uruguay, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Dominica and India.

Wherever you are in this world... welcome to our 3rd issue of It's My Life! Our columnists have some engaging stories to share with you today. I hope you'll enjoy the read.

Have a blessed day.

Shoi - Editor
It's My Life!

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Soul Food

Every human has four
endowments - self
awareness, conscience,
independent will and
creative imagination.
These give us the
ultimate human freedom:
The power to choose,
to respond, to change.

~ Stephen R. Covey ~
Inside - Outside
How to Houseclean Your Inner Domain
By Ann Barczay Sloan

From strange stairways & treasure chambers behind unexpected doorways... to invoking the Cosmic Cleaning Crew — Ann shares "inner" housecleaning tips.

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Artist to Artist
Bitter Sweet
By Lisa Lamoreaux

When Diem Chau's painting draws artist Lisa Lamoreaux into a private dialogue... a "bitter sweet" relationship unfolds.

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Its' MY Health!
The Art of Eating
By Gerald Lopez

It's not only what you eat... but HOW you eat — Enjoy Gerald's bite-sized serving on how to artfully eat your way to better health.

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Shoi's Pick
Step into Life's Little Pleasures
By Shoi

Small snippets on the rich Baba Nyonya culture that's part of Shoi's Malaysian heritage — Experience her refreshing relationship with precious "old" things.

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