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Note from Shoi...


“Gong Xi Fa Cai” to our Chinese readers! We wish you a happy & prosperous Year of the Rat.

The Rat was welcomed in ancient times as a protector and bringer of material prosperity. The Chinese New Year celebrations are marked by family reunion dinners on the eve, and visits to kin & friends. The colour red is liberally used in decorations & clothing (black is inauspicious)... and "hong bao", red packets of cash, are given out by the married & elders to eagerly awaiting kids. Noisy mahjong games are also the order of the day!

Some brief updates...

New publishing schedule: From March onwards, IML will be published on the first Monday of each month. This new schedule gives us more time to work with new writers... so we can bring you a wider variety of columns & features!

New blog: We're also investigating a new blog for eMasters. We'd love to have a place where readers can interact more actively in a warm & open community setting. Will keep you posted on this.

Relaunch of viral tool: After such a looong moratorium, plans are already in the pipeline to relaunch eMasters' viral promotion tool. We plan to kick off with Ray Siew's Will the REAL Inner Child Please Stand Up? — Sponsorship ad spots are available in Ray's viral ebook, so please contact us for more information.

in-the-loop Ezine: This is eMasters' newly revamped business ezine. Ray has been talking to an ad agency & brands guy... and his soon-to-be-birthed article, in in-the-loop, will provide some interesting insights on this fascinating subject! Do sign up for a free subscription if your interest is in business — You can sign up using the form to your right, or from our website.

Inside today's issue...

I'm thrilled to announce the return of Lian Godfrey — Her wonderlust is our gain as she shares yet another engaging travelogue with us. Be sure to check it out below.

And... our resident health exponent, Gerald Lopez, offers a more practical alternative to Shangri-La... whilst Ray, our Spiritual Realist, brings you yet another slightly-more-than-thought-provoking article. Enjoy the read.

Till we next meet...

Blessings to you.

Shoi - Editor
It's My Life!

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Gong Xi Fa Cai

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Soul Food

The people we are in
relationship with are always
a mirror, reflecting our own
beliefs, and simultaneously
we are mirrors reflecting
their beliefs. So relationship
is one of the most powerful
tools for growth... if we look
honestly at our relationships
we can see so much about
how we have created them.

~ Shakti Gawain ~
Off the Beaten Track
The Gentle Giant of the Mist
By guest author, Lian Godfrey

Lian goes searching for a bridge game in the Virunga...

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Its' MY Health!
Towards Eternal Youth
By Gerald Lopez

What Peter Pan told Gerald...

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The Spiritual Realist
Thinking with Integrity
By Raymond Siew

The less-travelled road to spiritual growth...

Read full story here...
Ask Ray !
Question from Jing Wen, Malaysia:

What do you do when you meditate? Just let your mind run free?....

Read full Q & A
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