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I'm very honored (and immensely excited) to have you join us in our inaugural issue of It's My Life! Ezine.

Behind the scenes, our contributing columnists have all worked very hard, pulling out all the stops, to put together a fabulous first issue for you — I think we've set an incredibly high bar for future issues and here are the "culprits" responsible for this...

It's My Life! Contributing Columnists

Mugshots from left to right: Lisa Lamoreaux is a business woman as well as an artist in her own right; a real gem with a rare mix of creativity and business sense. Some of you may already know Raymond Siew as eMasters' business development chief and a sharp entrepreneur; he now bares his "other life" as a writer of oft-irreverent, tell-it-like-I-see-it lifestyle articles. Ann Barczay Sloan, whom we fondly call "Biker Chick" (she doesn't ride bikes, but that's another story), is a Hungarian emigrant to the US during WW2; feisty and warm, she shares precious insights on the journey called life. I've known Gerald Lopez for 25 years and he's always been deeply health-conscious, with the added bonus of never being anyone other than Mr. Authentic himself. Lastly, there's Shoi (that's me), a designer with an irrepressible passion for all things visual, tactile and beautiful, and who's marketed her designs on the www since 2002.

Without further ado... It's My Life! is officially LIVE... and I'll let you get on with your read. Enjoy!

Blessings from all of us.

Shoi - Editor
It's My Life!

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Soul Food

We need to find the
courage to say NO
to the things and
people that are not
serving us if we
want to rediscover
ourselves and live
our lives with

~ Barbara De Angelis ~
Inside - Outside
Welcome to the Outsider's Club
By Ann Barczay Sloan

"There must be some mistake, I don't belong here! Surely I've been exiled to the wrong place!" — Brutally honest inner musings of an Outside Observer.

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Artist to Artist
Terribly Wrong
By Lisa Lamoreaux

Is the picture terribly wrong? Terribly profound? Or simply terribly funny? — Plus what you CREATE when you share how you think/feel about a piece of art.

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Its' MY Health!
Retrieving Our Health Wisdom
By Gerald Lopez

Do you need medical specialists and experts to fix every aspect of your health? — Or can natural health wisdom empower YOU to manage YOUR OWN health?

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Tattoo or Taboo? - A Malaysian Perspective
By Raymond Siew

Are tattoos more than just body art? — An intriguing glimpse into an exotic land of diverse cultures, paradoxes and contradictions...

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Shoi's Pick
Little Girls Are Made of These...
By Shoi

Is YOUR Lil' Miss made of “sugar and spice and everything nice”? — Delightful gifts and charming keepsakes for little girls.

Read full story here...
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