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Column: Shoi's Pick


Out of Fragments and Fancies, Lost and Found...

by Shoi

I love exquisite vintage stuff almost as much as I love unapologetic modern designs.

The old-fashioned gal within the contemporary me loves to wear creations that subtly express the delightful duality of a little bit of vintage... a little bit of 21st century.

“ The look and heft of aged brass & tarnished silver. Bright, bold colors of resin & lucite. The sparkle and weight of vintage crystals. ”

Today's featured designer, Sierra Bailey of Manic Trout has such a fun, fresh approach to blending exquisite vintage materials with new — Timeless jewelry for you to make a stunning style statement for Fall... and all year round.

Vintage Meets Contemporary.

Fluid Shapes + Vibrant Colors.

Sexy, Original Jewelry for You
to Tumble into Fall...

See Sierra Bailey's Funky
& Fabulous Fall Collection


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