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Raymond Siew

Is Life a Timed Game?

by Raymond Siew

Is life a timed game?

The seasons change, we grow old. It's an "apparent" truth. So why ask this question? — Because we can live our lives as a timed game, OR we can live it as though time is endless.

Is Life a Timed Game...?

You have the choice. You can choose to reach the venerable age of your life on earth obsessed with "sins" committed, the regrets of lost dreams and even doubts of your own righteousness. Or you can choose to BE your dreams.

But there are no easy solutions. There is no short cut.

Consider this...

When the universe was created, there was one supreme knowledge. When that knowledge created life, he gave that life the tools to understand him/her — He gave that life INTELLIGENCE.

That intelligent life form is given a thirst for that knowledge. From that thirst, he began to THINK and FORM THEORIES of how it all worked — How he came to be created, his purpose, and who/what created him.

And the ANSWERS abounded about him — In the spiritual laws of causality (the laws of attraction), in the scientific laws that govern nature.

And he was given the task to LEARN — To learn from the flesh he was given. To learn from all the physical phenomena around him. To learn about reality.

An aside: The muslims have a concept of "Tauhid" or the ONENESS of God, which is a holistic view that embraces life in ALL its manifestations. I have referred to REALITY as God's imagination.

In my previous article I said that denial, rationalisation and compartmentalisation are fear-based systems of thinking — I called them "mental constructs". And these systems are carefully guarded by the ego.

By this, I mean that our THEORIES of how things ARE must conform to the REALITY of how the world really IS (and how things really work) - and NOT how we think things are, or how they should work. To the extent these theories do not conform to reality, they are "mental constructs" - and as such are ILLUSIONS.

Note: The original purpose of forming theories was for the task of explaining reality. However, many theories have devolved to the state of defending our illusions — I have suggested that the cause of this is the flesh, the origin of fear-based emotions which infects our thinking (until we cannot tell if our interpretation or understanding is based on IMAGINED fears or are REAL).

So what can we do? We seem to be in a conundrum. If we don't know what is real and what isn't, how can we tell the difference?

My suggestion is that we choose to see life as a timed game...

What happens if I choose to live LIFE as a TIMED GAME?

If we do that - if we have a vision of how we would like to live out our twilight years - then we have set ourselves a GOAL. We may picture ourselves serene, content, living our ideals, with good friends and family, with sufficient money to give us the things we want in life. And this goal becomes our compass.

Note: Don't worry if your goals are not specific, time-bound, etc. This will come later. The important thing is to SET THE GOAL, for that is the beginning of learning. Another thing to consider is the PROCESS, as you will have different priorities at different stages of your life.

Goal-setting is important because it gives you something to do (and it is measured by growth). For it is at the point of DOING that the laws of attraction works.

Say you need discipline to achieve your goal. The universe will bring you distractions. For it is only by overcoming distractions that you develop discipline. If you need patience, then the universe will bring you "trying" people. If you want material wealth in business, then the universe will bring you the lessons you need to learn about business (both technical and principles). If it is shortcuts that you are looking for, the universe will bring you the fruits of that. If you try to change people, then the universe will bring you lessons that the only person you can change is yourself.

The trick, of course, is to recognise them for the lessons they bring. When you do, we call it "serendipity". And when you don't, it's called "lost opportunity".
In short, the moment you set a goal and try to implement it, you will learn about yourself. And if you LEARN and change, you will learn about others, about how things work — This lesson will keep appearing until you change and understand that it is really not the goal you are setting that is difficult, but that you are actually sabotaging yourself by your resistance to change. Your love of your illusions is what's stopping you.

The setting of goals sets up a train of events for you get to know yourself better — Every time you do not achieve your milestone, you get to understand yourself a little better IF you are totally honest with yourself. You learn to have more realistic expectations because you learn to see yourself and others more clearly. All the tools are there, the universe has brought them to you.

But realise this: The universe works in process. It does not bring you money just because you picture it in your mind. Instead, it will bring you the tools and lessons you need so YOU can make the money yourself - when you have learned enough, changed enough. When you have GROWN.

Note: I define growth as a "measureable quantity". It is the distance you have moved towards your goal compared to where you were yesterday, last month, last year — See next issue's section on "quantitative addition, qualitative change".

When you choose life as a timed game, you also choose, turbulence, conflict; you choose to struggle with God as Jacob struggled — But as your understanding grows, you will experience the serenity that was the promise.

For as you struggle and grow, you will begin to separate reality from illusions. For if it is an illusion, it will not take you towards the goal. For at the point of doing, you meet your fears. And every time you overcome a fear, you will experience the spirit.

When life is NOT a timed game

You spin your wheels. You make the same mistakes, over and over again. You create a bubble and you defend it with your "mental constructs".

Some have learnt enough about themselves (and others) so that they can manipulate people and events. And so they have moved further along, but continue to resist. The universe will then bring heartbreak from broken families, unfaithful partners, a stressful life. And the universe will continue to bring the lessons until change takes place, or not... for change is the universal spiritual principle.

Some will run to Gurus for them to fix their problems. Others will go for/to their "feel goods". But the emptiness remains. These solutions are not permanent.

For spiritual principles state that it is always a personal journey (and only you are called to your purpose) — It is a journey that only YOU can take. Look deep within youself. What do you think?

Note: From another perspective - from the macro perspective, creator's perspective - I have heard spiritualists argue... that each of us plays a role in the drama of life. In that sense, there is no need for guilt or self-recrimination. In that sense, life is "timeless" but that is not the purpose for our lives.

Within that drama that we call LIFE, I believe we need those emotions, ALL our emotions (including sadness, remorse, etc), if only to understand ourselves better. So we can learn to let go and move on. [I'll expand on this in the Ask Ray section below]

Yet we are always given the choice to change our roles — The universe will bring the lessons and the opportunities. All you have to do is to accept them and change... and from that change, grow. And in the instant you do, your life will change, and so will the world around you. Change only yourself, and trust that is enough. Do not try to change the world, that is not your job - for the moment you try to do that, you enter into the drama (the illusion), and you forget "what you resist, will persist".

Another way to describe this process is the way of the TAO — Follow the lessons of the universe without resistance (or as little as you can)... and you can be the grandest vision you have of yourself. The universe will help you get there when you see life as a timed game.

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