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Raymond Siew

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“Will the Real Inner Child Please Stand Up?”

by Raymond Siew

"Inner Child" is the hardest piece that I've ever tried to write in my short "career" as a writer — The effort started in 2007 and I have learned so much in the attempt. Last year, I was visited by panic attacks and irrational anxieties when I tried to write this. And doing it this year, I have had troubling and vivid dreams, attacks of lethargy.....

Yet... I have this drive to finish it — It feels important. I also note gradual improvements in my health, I feel clearer in the aftermath, for having done this.

I'll let you be the judge of the attempt.

As a coach, I try to get to the point when my coachees can do 2 things:

The first is when they are able to ask themselves the hard questions (see things as a whole and with integrity). And the second is when they have acquired an internal compass that tells them when they are off track. From that point, I will plan an exit for myself. I know they will be OK and I can move on.

Let me explain why. Let's give that goal (or dream) an arbitrary but quantifiable value. Say the goal is worth $100 million. So long as you are able to stay on track, you may fall short but you are still on the road and in the right direction. Even if you fall far short and only achieve $10 million, it was still a worthwhile journey.

But many turn off at the side roads and from there veer again till finally, they are lost and spinning their wheels. Worse, they may actually be travelling in the opposite direction despite all the effort. To stay on course, they have to ask the tough questions and - as I will present here - MEET THEIR INNER CHILD.

I have known powerful and successful people who have reached the twilight of their lives paranoid, angry and bitter... intelligent people who seem bent on self-destruction... good, caring people who can't seem to do anything about their financial woes, despite declaring their desire to do so... and many other shades in between.

You may surpass your goal but that will depend on the speed of your learning. I will expand on this in my future articles in this column.

And if you look really closely at the "Inner Child" work and join the dots, I hope you'll find gems in there that give you an idea of how the world works, how business works, and it may give you an insight into people..... I believe further insights will even allow you to determine which dramas to enter, and which ones to avoid.

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