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Column: Focus - New Year Special

25 Resolutions for Happiness

Extract from "25 Resolutions for Happiness : What I've Learned…So Far"

by guest author, Molly Stranahan, Psy.D.


I will make happiness
a worthy goal, for
achieving it is entirely
within my power.

I will use my feelings
to tell me when things
aren't working for me.

I will let go of what
I CANNOT change:
other people, the
past, the future.

I will focus on what
I CAN change — my
thoughts, beliefs,
expectations, and
behavior, which will
change how I feel.

I will appreciate
the moment.

I will focus on what I have so that I experience
abundance, remembering that unhappy people
focus on what they want, and they feel deprived.

I will be grateful.

I will believe that all
people are equally
valuable and worthy
by virtue of being
human, and that
makes me valuable
and worthy.

I will accept others as they
are: valuable, loveable,
unique and worthwhile.

I will stop assuming I know
what others think and feel.

I will not judge others
(or myself) because it
is harsh and destructive.

I will let go of

I will remember that other
people's actions are
almost always about them,
not about me.

I will communicate, ask
questions and listen.

I will be curious.

I will lower my

I will remember that
"being human" means
being imperfect and
making mistakes.
And that's all right.

I will take chances. I will
be bold and take a stand.

I will live my values.

I will remind myself that
"I don't know"
is a good answer.

I will listen to my body.

I will remember to
breathe. Really breathe.


I will get enough sleep.

I will remember that if
I ask for what I want and
accept what I receive,
I will get what I need.

"Serenity is not freedom
from the storm, but
peace within the storm."
I will live by this motto.

About the Author:
Molly Stranahan, Psy.D., uses a synthesis of life's teachings, including her training and personal and professional experiences, to help people make choices that lead to happier, healthier, more-fulfilling lives. She incorporates the influences of cognitive-behavioral psychology, Twelve Step programs, various religious traditions, and extensive research into stress management and happiness into her work. Molly creates and presents programs, including The Path to Happiness (, works with individual clients and writes. She has been published in the More Than Money magazine and is currently working on a personal growth/spiritual/self help book with the working title of The Path to Happiness.

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