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Lisa Lamoreaux

Bitter Sweet

by Lisa Lamoreaux

I don't usually attend the auctions that I donate art to. However, last week I decided on a whim to go to one that my work has been in for the last four years.

I must confess...I had no idea the impact of watching my art being auctioned off would have. I mean, I knew I'd feel "something", but what actually occurred was beyond my imagination — Not only was the night an amazingly orchestrated fundraiser and party, but the company of other artworks in which I found mine, was simply stunning.

I was at once embarrassed and intrigued that until then, I did not know the caliber of artwork mine had been "hanging" around with all these years! I felt like a nervous and proud parent watching their child on stage recite their lines in the school play, both hoping they wouldn't embarrass themselves while also feeling immense pride.

“ Each artwork strikes a private dialogue
and relationship with the viewer ”

The strangest moment occurred for me when I heard the buzz of comments from people around me as I remained incognito...

I had the sensation of being the "observer" of the relationship my art was developing with the viewer, and an acute awareness of not having anything to do with the dialogue going on between them. (In fact, I had the distinct impression that my art had been doing more work marketing itself than I had been doing lately.)

It took me a few days to recover and process what I experienced that night... and I come away from it with a recommendation that all artists attend (incognito, if possible) an auction they donate to for undeniable and accurate firsthand market data. Oh, and another recommendation is to always donate your best work — You never know who is going to see it!

I carried a dialogue with several artworks that night. One of them was this piece by artist Diem Chau...

Bitter Sweet by Diem Chau

Diem Chau - “Bitter Sweet”

"Bitter Sweet" was a siren call — It begged me to lay down beside it, and rest, dream. In this unfamiliar, fast-paced, and high-energy auction environment, I felt like I'd come upon an old friend. I suddenly felt as though I could let my guard down and simply immerse myself in the comfort of knowing and being known.

The colors are cool and soothing. The circles and drips produce a visceral sensation of a soothing balm of amber & lavender scented oil applied by a comforting, nurturing hand. The position and mood of the figure evoke this internal imagery and sensation — It was just what I needed at the time to connect with.

I cooley cast my number card in the air for the first few bids, but within seconds the price of the piece doubled and then nearly tripled beyond the artist's stated value. I was at once disappointed I wouldn't be taking the piece home, and thrilled for Diem, who was clearly the Rock Star of the night!

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