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Lisa Lamoreaux

Sacred Bowl

by Lisa Lamoreaux

Whenever I work on a new painting it becomes "my favorite" and Sacred Bowl I is no exception.

“ ...sacredness and beauty
in money and prosperity. ”

I'd started working on it for a few days when my business coach, Mikelann Valterra of the Women's Earning Institute (here in Seattle, WA), challenged me to see the sacredness and beauty in money and prosperity. She suggested that I see the desire for prosperity as a high spiritual calling — one that allows people to bring to the world their gifts.

Now this is an idea I can get behind! And I immediately set out to create a piece that would reflect and ground me in my fresh new perspective.

The green in this painting represents money, heart centered love, and new life. The bowl (which has appeared many times in my work) represents the "inner vessel" of truth and sacredness. Bamboo shoots sprout from the bottom of the painting, reminding me of the abundant new growth I look forward to each spring in my grove. The gold and white ethereal spirals are a meditation of sorts... a sufi dance played out on the canvas... transcending and connecting all the elements.

Sacred Bowl I by Lisa Lamoreaux

Lisa Lamoreaux - “Sacred Bowl I”
Acrylic and Mixed Media Painting, 2007

I'm in love with this new painting in the same way I love how fresh cut flowers placed in a neglected corner of the room brings a space alive — or the way a spontaneous dash of an exotic spice brings interest to what otherwise would have been an ordinary dish.

This painting is eye-candy for me — its colors, its textures, its subject. I could just eat it up! It's hard to explain why it has this effect on me when it came from me! — You'd think that an artist would be able to predict the outcome of their own painting! Not so for me.

Part of the wonder of creativity is the collaboration I have with the medium. I love seeing what it wants to do when I maneuver the consistency, transparency, and sheen. There is an element of "letting go" in this that requires a great amount of trust in the outcome. I guess it's just like listening to the voice inside that tells you to "place the flowers in that corner", or "throw in a dash of ginger"! It's spontaneous acts like these that bring us the "masterpieces" of our lives.

So, the question I'd like to leave you with today is...

What masterpiece is your inner voice prompting you to create today?

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