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Lisa Lamoreaux

Terribly Wrong

by Lisa Lamoreaux

Even as I sat down to write this article about my impressions of a piece of art for It's My Life! Ezine, I imagined readers wondering, "Who is this Lisa Lamoreaux, and why do I care how this art affects her?"

Ultimately, my thoughts and feelings about art, whether mine or someone else's, matter little (or should) to anyone other than me.

“ ...if you don't bring that creation
out into the physical world,
I don't get to experience it. ”

However, I believe that the experience an individual has while viewing art contains the truth, and a recounting of its impact creates something of value: fresh perspectives that can serve to enlarge and enrich the experience of other viewers.

My friend, with the ever grounding ability to bring me back down to earth, once said, "...if you don't bring that creation out into the physical world, I don't get to experience it."

Hence, the sharing of my own personal experience/impressions of a work holds within it a kernel for the creation of a broader (and potentially more important) discussion: a dialogue around art, and creativity, and it's impact and place in business, culture, and the world.

So, even as you view the following image, I would pose these questions to you...

What creations will you bring into the world? Who will you share it with?

Terribly Wrong by Kent Modglin

Kent Modglin - “Terribly Wrong”
Digital Collage, 2007

I love this image by Kent Modglin. It invites analysis, and at the same time pokes fun at it.

I recently had the pleasure of observing other people viewing this piece for the first time at one of Kent's gallery openings. In every viewer, curiosity was interrupted by laughter... which quickly turned back to curiosity... and closer examination.

I for one, was amused (and a little embarrassed) by the length of time it took for me to realize that the faces were of the same person. The effect was disarming in a way that I love to see happen in a gallery setting, which can become very intellectual and stuffy. I was immediately drawn into the piece and found myself looking for deeper meaning in many of the symbols.

I'm sure the artist would be amused at the variety of analytical conclusions I heard. In fact, I think that might have been the point. Then again, maybe I'm overanalyzing!

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