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Feng Shui and Our Connection with Nature

by guest author, Kathryn Weber

The energy of qi is everywhere.

Nature is alive with the moving,
flowing, unseen energy of qi.

A walk in the country or hiking a hilly trail can make us feel more in tune with ourselves. It also gives us an opportunity to connect with nature.

The trees, grass, stones and blue sky give us a comforting relief from the unnatural environment of fluorescent lighting, malls and office cubicles.

But our connection with nature might have something more in common with our office cubicle than with a giant Sequoia tree. That connection we have explains much of the foundation of FENG SHUI, the Chinese study of how our environment affects our lives.

All of feng shui is based on the study of the energy in our environment. That unseen energy is called "qi", or "chi".

The energy of qi is everywhere and it is the quintessential energy of nature — Like our offices with their wires and signals, the environment of nature is filled with more than grass and trees.

Nature is also alive with the unseen. That is, the moving, flowing, unseen energy of qi. It's this energy that, when flowing smoothly and harmoniously, creates those spaces in nature – and out of it – that we respond to and enjoy the most.

The natural world is full of energy that exists, energy such as gravity or air. These two elements, in particular, of the natural world are ones that keep us alive and able to breathe and keep our feet on the ground — In short, nature relies on principles that do not ever waver. When streams flow smoothly and gently, life around them is able to exist peacefully and prosperously. When we alter these streams with a boulder, damming projects or other impacts, we alter the natural flow.

Balance and Harmony

Feng shui teaches us that when entrances, rooms, desks or any space where we live mimic nature, we also live more peacefully and prosperously.

Keeping entrances and exits free from obstruction keeps the qi energy in our homes and offices freely flowing. When we have homes built in the ways of nature and arranged so that there is freedom of movement and qi, we are more in tune with nature and our homes feel that way for us.

Houses arranged this way enable us to feel less disconnected to the outer world because our inner world reflects the laws and principles of nature. That's why using feng shui indoors makes so much sense and explains the long history that the Chinese have of using feng shui. It allows us to live indoors and still maintain a connection to the outdoors, and perhaps more importantly, with the true natural world of smooth, flowing energy.

Much of feng shui is related to the Taoist religion, which many believe to be the worship of nature. Perhaps more rightly, the Taoist religion observes the energy of nature at its most elemental form of energy — This religion seeks to find balance in everything and that only when balance is achieved, of yin and yang, or male and female or light and dark, then there is peace and harmony in the world. The Taoist religion understands that water, for example, is good, but that too much water is a flood that is damaging and harmful.

Feng shui seeks to align homes and structures with nature so that they are in harmony with it and so that residents don't become removed from the natural world, but rather they live with nature, and that by following natural laws that allows people to live in a harmonious and beneficial way.

Connect with nature

Bring natural elements into
your inner environments.

Surround yourself with natural elements

Even though most of us spend most of our time indoors, it doesn't mean that we have to lose our connection with nature. By mimicking nature in our homes and offices, we can lessen the impact that our unnatural world has on us and feel more rested and calm, the way we do when we are in nature. Feng shui offers us that opportunity — We must learn to remove clutter, the way trees lose their leaves each year, and we must learn to allow space for energy to flow smoothly around the desks or beds in each room similar to the smooth way a river flows.

In recent years the importance of having natural elements around us, such as wood floors, natural stone countertops and even indoor fountains, has become a design and decorating imperative. We've learned that by removing ourselves from nature and natural elements, we are out of sync with our own natural energy and that makes us fatigued, stressed, upset. Now, our environments are beginning to bring elements of the outside in and we are bringing our indoor environments outdoors. More and more we are seeing that the line between outside and inside is growing thinner.

These trends, which have been helped by the influence of feng shui helps us to be more relaxed both indoors and out — If our indoor world reflects more of our outer world, then we have made a big step in maintaining our connection with nature and creating environments that support, nurture and sustain us. That connection is vital and when it exists, work is more productive, people are happier, and life is simply better.

About the Author:
Kathryn Weber is the publisher of The Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui E-zine and certified feng shui consultant in traditional Chinese feng shui. Kathryn helps her readers improve their lives and generate more wealth with feng shui. For more information and to listen to her popular and FREE "Jump Start Your Life with Feng Shui" AudioClass visit The Red Lotus Letter and learn the fast and fun way how feng shui can change your luck STARTING TODAY.

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