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Ann Barczay Sloan

How to Houseclean Your Inner Domain

by Ann Barczay Sloan

Let's assume for now that we have discovered and expanded our metaphorical Inner Domain, as described in my previous article: "How to Furnish Your Inner Mansion".

The Ancient Sages proclaimed this Eternal Truth: "As above, so below… As within, so without."

Yes, it's that old familiar Law of Correspondences - working perfectly in our Inner Journey as in all other dimensions of our lives.

As we first engage with our interior spaces, our prime interest and emphasis will be on two energies: EXPLORATION and CELEBRATION.

Actually, instead of talking about "we" here... perhaps it'll be more real if I share about the "me" who undergoes these Inner Space adventures.

So, as I grow, expand my vision and unfold my spirit, my Inner Domain likewise grows and will automatically undergo metamorphosis — This metamorphosis, ironically, will also generate its own new obstacles to surmount, its own (MY own!) Demons and Dragons I must courageously confront and eventually overcome — And there'll be victories, the triumphing through each struggle, that calls for celebration!

Discover secret stairways...

It takes courage
to explore
strange stairways...


My inner explorations rarely come with easy passage: on the contrary! The hallways and stairways leading to the most powerful new levels are filled with new challenges.

Ah, how many such blind corners and apparent dead ends I have already confronted in my life!

In fact, even right now I seem to be stuck in a certain blind alley - quite likely even more than one... and to the current "me", those barricades seem overwhelming!

...and secret doorways into treasure chambers

...and enter unknown
doorways that lead to
treasure chambers

Perhaps sharing about my own self-exploration in these article may provide some glimmer of light, some way for me to move forward precisely through dealing with that most difficult of "barriers" - which ultimately always boils down to fear!


If I persevere and keep moving forward, I intuitively know I will find secret Chambers of Treasures (yes, all mine!) to marvel over. Eventually, this is where I will find myself in the magical Time/Space where I will be afforded the opportunity to celebrate at last!

...and Stretch Our Boundaries Anew

And now, ironically, it's time again to learn to stretch myself anew. Yes, at this stage each one of us will need to ask ourselves:

How well-developed are my celebration skills, my capacities for pleasure? Can I jump right freely into the Joy - or is it difficult to allow myself to accept and absorb the Fullness of Glory available to each of us from the Source? Or could it be that when we stop pursuing pleasure... that's when we find it?

You may be impatient by now: "But you promised we'd talk about Inner Domain housecleaning tips!" No worries, we're getting there right now!

Housecleaning Tips

As our voyage through Inner space or Outer world continues, the debris of exploration, conquest and celebration naturally piles up... and ultimately, all waste must be disposed of!

This may well include "corpses" of Dragons and Demons we have subdued and left behind in our Chamber of Horrors…

Celebration also leaves its own debris: Dishes, glasses, cutlery, empty cans, popped balloons, streamers, confetti, exploded fireworks and such pile up quickly. Even empty champagne bottles take up lots of space!

You don't have to do it all by yourself!

You don't have to do it all by yourself!

The thought (and sight) of so much leftover stuff is often overwhelming. But, it's all in the Natural Order: "As within, so without…"

Inner Housecleaning is just part of the whole expansion scenario.

Now, am I constrained to do all the cleanup work by myself?

No! Not when I realize that this so-called "myself" is actually an inseparable aspect of the One Self: an Infinite Being with an infinite number of eyes, ears, hands and feet and hearts and minds to bring to my assistance - and yours and yours and yours as well!

I want to feel free, then, to invoke a sort of "Cosmic Cleaning Crew" to assist me! — Their job assignment in our Multiverse is to pulverize useless "stuff" into nothingness. As a gift of Divine Grace, such Crews do exist - but I must take responsibility for knowing who they are and inviting their assistance into my own Domain.

Unfold... Explore... Celebrate...

This is what LIFE is all about.

Unfoldment, exploration, celebration — The pleasure of knowing our inner and outer habitation... and keeping it in neat and conscious and loving working order - is what our life journey, both the finite and the eternal, is all about.


Next time:
We'll look into another aspect of housecleaning our Inner Domain: What's the best way to deal with our outmoded, obsolete, cast-off selves? Tune in for "Disposing of Our Inner Debris" in our next issue.

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