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Column: Inside ~ Outside

Ann Barczay Sloan

How to Furnish Your Inner Mansion:

Quintessential Interior Decoration

by Ann Barczay Sloan

Is there such a thing as an "Inner Mansion"?

Perhaps you're more familiar with the modest apartments, suburban ranch style homes, or other relatively mundane dwellings (by Western-world standards) currently around you. Perhaps the notion of a Grand Inner Mansion just sounds too sumptuous and unattainable to your conscious mind.

Your Grand Inner Mansion

My mansion has many rooms...

So come along with me. Let's journey towards the direction where you might be able to discover — and experience — for yourself, your own awesome enlightening inner space.

A realistic start

Let's not talk of the Unimaginably Grandiose right off. It’s best we start on a smaller scale and talk about our "Inner Furnishings" first before dealing with the space (whether minuscule or literally limitless) in which our personal stuff may be housed.

Yes, we DO need "stuff"; I doubt anyone enjoys living in an empty interior. So the question is: How do we acquire the household furnishings we need?

Here's what generally happens: When we (as new adults) first move into our own homes, it's rare good fortune indeed if we get to start with items that are brand new. Instead, we first furnish with odds and ends inherited from family, gifted by friends, purchased second hand — and admittedly, sometimes even something found discarded at the curb!

"That's okay," we tell ourselves, "This will do for starters!" Yet, most of us will gradually acquire newer, more interesting and attractive furnishings that feel more harmonious to our individual aesthetic spirit. Some of us even eagerly go on to study new, different design possibilities we'd never known existed in our younger, more naïve years!

Improve and upgrade

Yes, it’s a sign of increasing maturity and expansion of consciousness that we are willing, even eager, to improve and upgrade everything in our lives: to move beyond our current limitations — not only materially but psycho-spiritually.

Yet regrettably there are countless folks who remain stuck, often by deliberate choice! Why? Simply because they think, "Oh, this house, these furnishings, this lifestyle is 'good enough' for me. It's okay, let's just make do!"

Your “mansion”

But enough now about décor and furniture and stuff, whether shabby or elegant, outmoded or "the latest". Let's move forward to talk about your habitation itself.

“ We have a vast, more beautiful
Mansion that's our birthright... ”

Let's return to the notion that most of us (you/I/we) are NOT aware that we have a much more vast and beautiful "mansion" available by birthright that we can gradually explore and eventually fully inhabit as the rightful domain of the Fullness of our True Self.

To attain to this vaster realm, we must reach beyond the so-called "safe, known" boundaries: We need a restless, questing drive to poke into overstuffed closets, crawl through tortuous passageways, dig down into the dank cellar, break open the terrifying locked attic... and throw out the unwanted stuff to make space for the new.

Why? Because our Spirit calls to conquer the Unknown.

Why? Because it's only when we have the fiery courage to delve into our own dark scary (because un-experienced) places that we can ever find those secret passageways to the treasure chamber, the hidden staircases that take us up, up, up to levels higher than we've ever risen to before... take us through tiny tight crawl spaces that can eventually lead us — like Alice — into a Wonderland.

Then we can ultimately grow into, and live as, the expansive Regal Beings we have been — from the Beginning — destined to BE.

Naturally, there's much more to be said about various aspects of our own "mansion expansion". So, in my next column we'll explore the principles of "Housecleaning our Inner Domain".

But for now, realizing that each of us can choose and create these vaster realms for our own selves, let's wrap it up with one of my favorite quotes:

It is as easy to create a castle as a button.
It's just a matter of whether you're
focused on a castle or a button.



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