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The Birth of Ohm

by guest author, Amy Steinberg

This journey started with the birth of my daughter, Sam — An inexplicably profound and joyful experience that was a catalyst, prompting a spiritual re-birth of sorts within myself... a desire to re-connect more deeply with myself and with the world around me.

At about the same time, I was commissioned to do a piece for a family in India. And, as with all my art, I immersed myself into all things connected with the assignment. I wanted to "feel" the spirit of India, and capture it on canvas.

This process gave birth to a series of paintings called "Passage to India" — And one painting in particular became a spiritually pivotal piece for me...

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“The Birth of Ohm” - Mixed Media on Canvas

The Birth of Ohm

Even as I was sketching the large lotus flower and Hindi Ohm symbol directly onto the canvas, the two became intertwined in my mind... and I began to wonder about the grand scheme of Lotus and Ohm — How did the two come to be? Which came first?

It seemed like the beauty of the Lotus could only have given birth to Ohm, the hum, the silence, the eternal beauty of Ohm.

By the time I started applying the colors, it became apparent to me that this piece of art must be vibrant — It must convey the mystery and openness of one's spirituality without uttering a single word.

The ochre represents mass, and bright yellows the warmth around us. Grey is for the vastness of existence. The brilliant reds symbolize our birth. I layered on photographs of an early 20th century Hindi monk. And I also added mica, for what must be seen as we enter each life.

While I sold this painting many months ago, it will always be one of my most cherished pieces — for its spirituality and to commemorate my daughter's birth.

About the Author:
Amy Steinberg is the artist and owner of Charming Sam Studios, a multi-faceted studio born out her varied interests in the arts. Amy designs a full line of fashion jewelry, mixed-media paintings and most recently added a line of artist papers and collage sheets to her repertoire. You can find all of her products online at or email Amy for more information.

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