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September 17th, 2007
Welcome to the Outsider's Club - Ann Barczay Sloan

"There must be some mistake, I don't belong here! Surely I've been exiled to the wrong place!" — Brutally honest inner musings of an Outside Observer.

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Terribly Wrong - Lisa Lamoreaux

Is the picture terribly wrong? Terribly profound? Or simply terribly funny? — Plus what you CREATE when you share how you think/feel about a piece of art.

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Retrieving Our Health Wisdom - Gerald Lopez

Do you need medical specialists and experts to fix every aspect of your health? — Or can natural health wisdom empower YOU to manage YOUR OWN health?

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Tattoo or Taboo? - A Malaysian Perspective - Raymond Siew

Are tattoos more than just body art? — An intriguing glimpse into an exotic land of diverse cultures, paradoxes and contradictions...

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Little Girls Are Made of These - Shoi

Is YOUR Lil' Miss made of “sugar and spice and everything nice”? — Delightful gifts and charming keepsakes for little girls.

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About It's My Life!

“ Eclectic. Exotic. Alternative. Aware. ”

It's My Life! Ezine aims to deliver our readers a richly-woven, unique tapestry of lifestyle perspectives, stories and features in every issue: Sometimes irreverent. Off-the-beaten-path glimpses. A fusion of contemporary west with exotic east. An eclectic mix of authentic lifestyle matters that matter.

“ Past values. Present realities. Future opportunities. ”

It's My Life! is a global online ezine reflecting today's borderless world.

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