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Summer Edition    ( August 2008 — Issue #13 )
The Day the World Became Flat
Gerald Lopez

Gerald's "eye" journey and its lessons...

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The Universe in the Moment
Raymond Siew

You can't find a solution beyond your current understanding...

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Inspirational Thoughts
from Pravs World

Make memories...

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¡ La Paella !
by guest writer, Ángeles Fernández

Rice... and your IMAGINATION...!

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Another Melanoma Moment
by guest writer, Leigh VanDeWalker

A melanoma survivor captures a poignant snapshot...

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About It's My Life!

Eclectic. Exotic. Alternative. Aware.

It's My Life! Ezine aims to deliver our readers a richly-woven, unique tapestry of lifestyle perspectives, stories and features in every issue: Sometimes irreverent. Off-the-beaten-path glimpses. A fusion of contemporary west with exotic east. An eclectic mix of authentic lifestyle matters that matter.

Past values. Present realities. Future opportunities.

It's My Life! is a global online ezine reflecting today's borderless world.

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